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    Endlich released! :) EDIT: Naja fast... bis 1300z muss man sich wohl noch gedulden ^^

    Und das sogar noch zu einem ehrlichen Preis. Sehr schön! Hoffentlich folgen noch weitere tolle Umsetzungen aus Deutschland von dieser Schmiede.

    nennt sich ja auch nicht hochtrabend "PROFESSIONELL" , wie beim Herrn Kok aus Paderborn. Da kann man als Premium Marke schon mal etwas mehr verlangen von seinen Kunden. Wobei , Kunde ist man ja dort nicht.

    Ergänzung ;

    Version 262 of the A320-X and A319-X for P3D v4.2+ is now out!

    This update primarily improves performance with Dynamic Lighting. We've also fixed some other small items around temperature logic, FMGC crashes and some sound tweaks.

    GSX users will also benefit from enhanced Door 1L closing logic -- you can now choose whether to continue closing the door manually, or else have the door close automatically following either a realistic delay of 5-10 minutes after boarding is completed, or a 'fast' automatic closing almost immediately after GSX boarding completes (please note you will need to ensure your GSX is updated to the latest version).

    Go get it from our redownload service at !



    - External Model:

    - Various small fixes and improvements

    - Virtual Cockpit:

    - Various small fixes and improvements

    - Performance:

    - UMPolicy now read from base 320 folder

    - Dynamic lighting optimizations

    - Brakes:

    - Brake temp logic improved

    - FMGC:

    - FM: Fix for crash under certain conditions

    - Sounds:

    - PTU logic fixes

    - Gear logic fixes

    - Animations:

    - St Elmos fix

    - GSX:

    - Logic fix for pax synchronization

    - Doors:

    - 1L auto close logic improved

    - Temp model:

    - Cargo temp tuning improvements

    - Duct temps in cabin tuning

    - Sun heat adjustments

    Doch geht Flori-Wan Kenobi , ab dem 12. Juli bei Aerosoft :P

    sicher ?

    Lies mal was Alles nicht geht beim Kokschen Profibus .

    Geschrieben July 1

    "Please note this list is updated all the time. (last update July 9th)

    We strongly recommend you read this before buying!


    • Some One of the liveries are not as they are used at this moment. This does not affect use in any way but still something we like to solve as soon as possible. Expected before SP1
    • We got partially 2D panels at this moment but not complete (this is linked to the pending PFD update). It's not fully decided when we will fully implement this.
    • Gear door sync inop at this moment, will be moved to SP1.


    • We decided to add RAAS after the initial release to avoid possible issues with that affecting the first experience with the new busses. Should be automatically inserted by the Updater a few days after release.
    • We found a late issue with the Company Route editor that is being looked at.
    • We have a known issue with the viewbar that popped up with P3d V4.3. We do not know what causes this, but are investigating, Should be an easy fix (when we know what causes it)
    • Connected Flight Deck can only be activated when the aircraft is fully stable in variables (the system status that needs to be send to the other systems). This is NOT yet the case so CFD is expected to arrive with SP1.
    • The RAAS PRO dialog mentions CRJ and not A318/A319, we are awaiting a new version.


    • We are preparing a complete new version of the PFD that should show more detailed and be faster. Expected with SP1. This should not affect use.
    • Independent Navigation Display (ND) for FO with its own mode, range and EFIS control knobs. It will allow complete separate settings between FO and CPT (currently a 1:1 copy of CAP ND). Planned for SP1.
    • Status page: Handling of status messages (STS, CLR, RCL) will be improved (more messages, correct handling)
    • T/O warning: When pressing the T/O config button all wrong configurations should show up on the E/WD and not only the first one. Should be solved soon.
    • Fuel temp calculation needs to take into account the temp of fuel which is already filled in the tanks during refueling.
    • CLOCK-Gauge: implement at least two dim states to have it the same behavior as other displays, some small pos corrections etc.
    • We want to add some more thing that use the onboard printer, like a automatic printout at hard landings etc. SP1 or SP2.


    This is the area we feel you might see most problems and it has our full attention at this moment. Do keep in mind that there are many occasion where a real aircraft has issues in this field. Pilots then disable the AP and fly the aircraft!

    • We like to tweak the reverse thrust but did not find the time. SP1 or SP2.
    • Because of late date issues we removed step climbs at this moment. They should arrive before SP1
    • Holdings are an open issue at this moment, we attempt to fix this before release. We swear they worked a few days ago.
    • Bank angle limits, FD too aggressive in managed mode, we tried to fix this but this caused issues in other parts and we have to revisit this.
    • Descent path not perfect, especially when speed limitations are present.
    • Selected FPA/VS misses altitudes in some conditions.
    • In RWY mode after TO it still follows NAV.
    • EXP climb needs tweaking.
    • NPA's are missing intercept markers in some conditions.
    • We think we got some issues in Offsets that are being investigated.
    • RadialIn works but at the last moment we got some more information about this that could be added.
    • DME Arcs are not fully stable.


    • Some fine tuning required as some sounds partly can be at incorrect volume level and/or not triggered in correct timing/condition. As this is a lot of time consuming trial and error we decided to move this to after release (but before SP1 of course).



    • There are some errors in the content log file (when you activate that). Two of those are caused by TrueGlass and are because the fact the sim does not understand the bitmap format. Other issues are 'standard' issues caused by XML code that are at this moment unavoidable. You can safely ignore all these issues, they do not affect use in any way."

    hat leider nix gebracht. Habe jetzt den Bus deinstalliert und P3D auch neu installiert. Nun startet er wieder. Mit der alten scenery.cfg streikt er. Somit muss ich mir heute Abend die Arbeit machen und alle Scenerien, die er nicht schon nach dem neuen System (addon Liste) erkannt hat, Neu aktivieren. Werde wohl auch aufs neue System umstellen, dann habe ich das nächste mal weniger Ärger.

    Moin, gibt´s einen bestimmten Grund warum ich die A319 Liverys nicht downloaden kann? Die A320er funktionieren doch auch.

    Edit, vergesst es, man muss erst die A319er Reigistrieren....Paraoid der ******

    du musst deinen A319 registrieren in deinem Acount beim Griechen. Mit Order und Seriennummer.

    Konnte leider den A319 nicht testen gestern. Mein P3D startet zwar, aber er bleibt beim Startbild hängen. Habe nun heraus gefunden, dass wohl ein Problen mit der scenery.cfg gibt. "scenery.cfg structur error. Konnte das mit dem Scenery Config Editor heraus finden. Aber habe nix finden können in der cfg.

    Wie kann man das structur Problem lösen ? Wäre für Vorschläge dankbar.