Aerosoft - BER 2023

  • Der BER kriegt ein größeres Update spendiert:

    Berlin update preview
    We are not far of from a major update for Berlin Brandenburg, one of our best selling airports (ever since FSX btw!). I will post some screenshots over the…

    Gruß, Aleksey Markov

    "Die Hitze fühlt sich warm an" - Gövert Hart, 08.07.2023

    "Was haben die da, RR oder PW?" - "Wohl eher VW, so wie das da raucht" -Patrick M. 26.11.2023

  • Es gibt ein neues Update, habe ich gerade bei Aerosoft One gesehen

    Version 2.1.0:

    • FIXED: Made people and custom ground traffic optional as they are heavy on performance.
    • FIXED: Added further options to deactivate content to improve performance when needed.
    • NEW: More realistic concrete ground textures
    • NEW: Added paved taxiway sides with more detailed textures
    • NEW: Added skidmarks on runways with higher resolution
    • NEW: Configurability of items to be switched on/off (most custom ground traffic and 3D people are deactivated by default), e.g. through Aerosoft One.
    • FIXED: Ditch in terrain around taxiway M5
    • FIXED: "ENTRY NORTH" AND "ENTRY SOUTH" ground markings darker
    • FIXED: Removed sounds from most custom ground vehicles as too many of them can lead to crashes in German language (!) MSFS
    • FIXED: Lowered some bumpmap texture resolutions for further performance improvements


    Board: ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4 CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800x3D Grafikkarte: MSI RTX 4070 TI Arbeitsspeicher: 64 GB RAM