Prepar3D v4.5 Hotfix 2

    Client Fixes and Improvements

    • Fixed Startup Screen UI issue where the incorrect date would be displayed after loading a scenario.
    • Fixed bug preventing SSAA from being applied on PBR objects.
    • Fixed issue where AI cargo doors would not close before taxi/takeoff in some cases.
    • Fixed issue where AI baggage carts could get stuck in the TAXI state causing AI aircraft to remain in the PreFlight state.
    • Fixed issue preventing pylons without attached weapons from serializing in multiplayer.
    • Tracer rounds now render in multiplayer.
    • VR recalibration origin can now be configured including an option to calibrate with a custom origin without triggering calibration from OpenVR.
    • Fixed crash that could occur when DIS labels were active with high traffic settings.
    • Improved fallback logic when a container title is not found in the DISEntityTypes.xml.
    • Fixed bug where attach points would not animate in some cases.
    • Fixed several positioning bugs with mixed reality portals.
    • Improved portal editing including the ability to modify their PBH and name.
    • Added FOV edit mode for VR controllers.
    • Different shapes can now be used for portals including cylinders, spheres, and rectangles.
    • Gaze detection can now be enabled in VR settings.
    • Fixed crash that could occur when crashing the aircraft while using a Varjo VR-1 headset.
    • Fixed light and text sizing, g-effects, and inverted eye openness values in Varjo VR-1 headsets.
    • Fixed bug preventing 3D airport navigation visuals from drawing in some locations.
    • Fixed crash that could occur during scenario validation if VI sessions were empty.
    • VR mouse cursor is now hidden when not in use.
    • Tooltips are now stored in each pick request.
    • Fixed bug preventing VR tooltips from appearing if other external pick requests were active.
    • Added an AllowLoopback DIS option to allow processing of packets sent by the local machine.
    • Any VR interface can now be enabled on startup.
    • Fixed bug affecting the visibility of attached effects.
    • Added eye panel data to VR settings.
    • Fixed issue causing brightness in HDR to be too low in some cases.
    • Fixed issue where objects with PBR materials would have incorrect vertical positions in some cases.
    • Scaleform panels now serialize local variables (L:Vars) in multiplayer.
    • Added VR passthrough camera settings screen.
    • Fixed issues preventing weapon targets from recording and playing back correctly in some cases.
    • Simplified playback complete dialog text.
    • Entities will now maintain their current course when a PlayFlightRecordingAction completes.
    • Added CIGI auto-start capability.
    • Fixed issue where OnCompleteActions would not fire after AI completed a waypoint list.
    • Improved VR tracker calibration including the ability to use a tracker puck as the camera origin.
    • Fixed bug where add-on airport LLA would not be updated in some cases.
    • DIS pull to ground is now on by default.
    • DIS pull to ground now uses CG height instead of the bounding box for placement.
    • DIS pull to ground transition is now smoothed as well as clamping pitch and bank.
    • Added button to calibrate eye tracking for Varjo VR-1 headsets.
    • Fixed issue where add-on land class textures would not be loaded in some cases.
    • Stereo mode now supported for Vive Pro Eye passthrough camera.
    • Improved handling of alpha values in terrain vector textures.
    • Eye tracking in supported VR headsets is now automatically enabled.
    • Fixed issue where airport runway secondary landing attributes would be ignored and processed as primary landing attributes.
    • Added VR Tuning Guide to the Learning Center.

    Content Fixes and Improvements

    • Fixed incorrect fire weapon voice control binding and added default fire gun command.
    • Fixed DIS enumeration for wander boat.
    • Fixed text display, target distance, and target aspect angle issues in the F-16 HMD overlay.
    • Removed the momentum effect from the Virtual Cockpit Only camera.
    • Fixed visibility issues with the explosion flak effect.
    • Added Eye Tracking Demonstration Scenario.
    • Moved F-16 eyepoint forward slightly.
    • Fixed default DIS entity mappings for Lowboy Semi-Tractor Trailer and Tanker Truck Yellow to prevent collisions.

    Scenery Fixes and Improvements

    • Fixed incorrect transparency values in several autogen objects.

    SDK Fixes and Improvements

    • Fixed incorrect ordering of C-gauge tokens.
    • Fixed variable naming for ISimObject attachment units and updated documentation.
    • Fixed missing GetGeneralTimeOfDay function in the IGlobalDataV430 interface.
    • Custom SimObject properties that override native SimVars now work over SimConnect.
    • Added an OpenGL Panel sample.
    • Updated the picking sample with an example of using world ray interrogation.
    • Fixed a memory leak in the Custom Icon sample.
    • Fixed bug preventing columns from being customized in the Traffic Toolbox tool.
    • Added an Eye Tracking SDK sample.
    • Fixed UV channel optimization issue causing vertex count mismatches in some cases.
    • Added addition simulation categories to SimConnect_RequestDataOnSimObjectType.
    • Added additional VR SDK interfaces.
    • Added world object PDK service to create, place, and remove objects by GUID.
    • Added world object PDK service sample.
    • Added OpenCVStereoCamera PDK sample.
    • Fixed crash that would occur when using the panel system InitializeVarByName function.
  • Bei mir läuft seit dem Update/Hotfix 2 das LorbySceneryEport Tool und MakeRwys nicht mehr !

    Habe ich nur das Problem, könnte das jemand evtl. prüfen der mit diesen Tools arbeitet.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen


    MB: ASUS TUF Z390-Pro Gaming // CPU: I9-9900K @5,0 Ghz // GPU: Asus ROG Strix GTX 1080Ti OC // RAM: 16GB DDR4 2666Mhz HyperX

    SSD: Samsung EVO 512 GB, 1 Crucial 256 GB // HDD: 2x Samsung 1,5 GB, 1x Intenso 4 TB // Monitore: Samsung 50' UHD + 19' Fujitsu/Siemens

    Saitek X52, Flight Yoke, Rudder, Throttle Quadrant // Windows 10 pro + P3D 4.5